I get the feeling the original idea they wanted was "black people benefited from slavery because they became Christian." -- but, this was probably too obviously a violation of separation and racist.

Black people didn't just passively learn Christianity, btw. We re-invented it into a theology of liberation that drove the Civl Rights movement. So much synthesis and invention occurred *despite* slavery not because of it.

So much of what those people knew has been lost forever, but not all of it.

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I assume you get why it's not a nice thing to say that "slavery helped black people in some ways" but I think some people miss why this particular idea is *exceptionally* racist.

One of the main arguments to justify slavery was that it "civilized" black people by making us Christian & teaching us obedience to our "betters." Black people were "lucky" or "better off" as slaves.

It assumes that when people were enslaved they had no skills, nothing to offer, that they were basically animals.

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So the Raid6 has been reassembled with the new drive. It's clean. It has had 1 fullbackup and a few incs with bacula since then.
Yesterday we moved it all to a better spot than our eating table.

We connected the UPS via USB and got apcupsd working. That UPS is working with 5% of its load. I knew the NUC didn't pull much, nice to know the disk containers don't either.

Next configure SMTP in order to route root messages to an external email address so we get health notifications on our email.

Clergy were shouting things at passing cars like, “The end is near. Turn yourselves around.”

Then one said to the others, “Shouldn’t we just tell them the bridge is out ahead?”

Black people have been trying to tell the world about Giuliani (and to a lesser extent Trump) for more than 30 years.

I'm happy Giuliani may face consequences for telling bald face, dangerous lies about Ruby Freeman & Shaye Moss, two perfectly ordinary, black ladies who wanted to help their community by being poll workers. They aren't just innocent, they are the kind of people any community is blessed to have.

And Giuliani knew this. Those accusations were pure malice and evil.

I miss written tutorials. I hate how every tutorial is a YouTube now. I don’t want to watch 15 minutes and forget to pay attention for the second that has the detail that I am missing or it just doesn’t show. Even short tutorials are 3 minutes when it could have been a ten second read. I want to skim a page and go directly to the point. Has writing really become that hard to do?

I will be away/unresponsive here for some time due to a family emergency.

Hug your loved ones, folks.

Which of these states of matter do you

#EvanPoll #poll

Finally after much gnashing of teeth the raid6 array was recovered.It had lost a disk, and its host computer (a ASUS mobo system @2009) started having issues.

We setup a nuc11 for it, and memory and a SSD for its OS. The array was put into 4 unit containers. The reassembly, that was lasting days on the old iron only took < 1 day. It is now clean. No more dirty and degraded.

I got bacula (community) up and running and am taking a full backup to an external disk.

on the report regarding CSAM on fedi, also other media reports 

at the risk of sounding flippant, I’m noticing a pattern from media reports on fedi.

‘Mastodon is too difficult to understand, users bounce off and leave for greener pastures’

fedi continues to grow

‘Mastodon is racist, is chasing away users’

fedi continues to grow, including many people of color

‘Um, well, fedi is actually sexist, there are no women there’

fedi continues to grow, including many women (seems like most of my feed is women)

‘reporter becoming increasingly desperate No actually actually, fedi is full of CSAM, and when we surveyed, we found that most of the posts were abuse images’

I’m not saying none of these things are issues. This network does have a problem with being confusing for new people, and at times racist, and at times sexist. there are a lot of servers on the underbelly that are dealing in terrible things and need to be walled off.

That’s not why they are making the reports though. they feel threatened that there’s growing interest in a platform without ads that’s outside of capitalist control, and they are trying every single angle to sow division and stop people from looking into it. That’s why the reports never dive into an honest comparison to other platforms (CSAM on Twitter was a huge problem for years and years. I’ve read it’s gotten better but I’m not going to try to verify that. and I won’t even get into the racism and sexism on Twitter.)

I’ve definitely been disturbed that I needed to set up a big blocklist to keep these people out of my server, there’s an important conversation to be had about what more we can do, and how to make this network safer. That conversation is not going to come from the Washington Post though, I’m sure of that.

I love otters because they prove that you can be adorable even if you’re small, hairy and damp.

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