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So far, the surprising thing is how much faster the "new server" is.
Still the same AMD X3-Phenom 8250E tri core proc, still the same 2 G of RAM. Still the same RAID6 array. Only diff is new SSD for OS (old was a 256 Crucial ssd, new is a 512G ssd) and going from Ubuntu desktop 14.10 to Ubuntu server 22.04 (jammy) server.
We elected not to put a desktop on it. 9/10 times I administer it via ssh anyway.

I get that Meta blocking access in the EU frustrates some people. But the takes from primarily US-based people are quite something. The EU prioritises guardrails and safety. Yes, that can sometimes lower agility. But it does mean eg food quality and safety tend to be higher. And it also means tech companies have less opportunity to ride roughshod over its population.

AMD Phenom 8250E (@2008). But still running. This time around I went with a server install and other than stumbling around with the install media (Bios was @2009, so Blueray, new USB sticks etc. all too new, and unaccustomed to burning DVDs nowadays, the first one was a bust) the install was smooth.
Now to get samba up and a routine monitoring job for the RAID6 array set up.

A challenging upgrade of my file server tonight. It's our main fileserver on the LAN and ran ubuntu 14.10. Just a wee bit old.

So I got a new SSD for his OS and tried to install. None of my USB sticks worked. My USB blue ray did not work. Did I mention the hardware is a tricore AMD chip with a BIOS dated 2009... Anyway after much stumbling around, and actually considering a pixie boot setup, I finally tried an old USB DVD drive. Worked like a charm. And bonus, my raid6 array was autodetected

re: loli; language 

"It's a victimless crime."

I'd tend to agree. It's pictures, it's drawings, no human beings exploited. That's great. It's less exploitative while still being creepy as fuck.

It's still not content I'm willing to risk the whole server--or other people's lives--over.

So if I find out you host that shit, you're fucking toast. If I haven't gotten to you yet, I will.

I prefer to fight on the hill of saying, "Send billionaires to the guillotines" is protected speech.

Last thing I want is to have whatever message people are trying to share here co-opted by, "Weren't you the one on the server with all the loli porn?"

Fuck. No.

"It's not like you were hosting the content on that server."

It doesn't matter if the content originates somewhere else. If I have a cached copy of it on my server accessible over a public url, I'm not convinced that litigators or a jury will truly understand the difference.

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I have only just recently looked up what the difference is between a federation and a confederation: roughly, in a confederation membership is voluntary, whereas in a federation it is not.

The Fediverse is actually a confederacy…

I don’t know why I am telling you this.

The actors’/writers’ strikes are clearly a ploy by Big Library to get us to read more books.

"um, Dr Schrodinger? I opened the box and, well... we may have a problem" - @enniscath :twitter:

Leaving the basement for the 2nd time today due to tornado warnings. I live in a very near western suburb of Chicago. 2 weeks ago I was staying in southeastern Iowa for vacation and there was a tornado warning (and a power outage for 3 hours).
Either the weather is out to get me or this is just normal for the midwest US. I'm inclined to favor the latter point. I have been lucky so far. Neither the humans nor the canine has been harmed by the weather.

I'm not sure how long rabbits live, but this bunny is sure acting like the backyard buddy I had hanging around last summer. #rabbits #Illinois #nature #photography #wildlifephotography #photographylovers

So I am allergic to bee stings, at least from honey bees and bumble bees.

Anyway, at this stage of my life I have finally found a way of coping with these critters. First I try to avoid walking in clover barefoot. 2nd: When one buzzes near me, I talk to it. Hello Mr. Bee I say (their sexual system is complicated so I just pretend they're nautical), it's a fine day, isn't it? And this works. It keeps me and my motions calm, which does not annoy or frighten the bees.

Update on #ESAEuclid #commissioning: the spacecraft 🛰️ was warmed up to "de-ice" telescope and instruments 🧊. The background:


Warm-up was done for a couple of days by tilting the spacecraft ~30° further towards the sun 🌞 than the normal position that Euclid will keep for its survey. This has been successfully completed, Euclid was tilted back, and is now cooling down 🥶.

#ESA #astrodon #astronomy #cosmology

Hear me out:
- 20th Century Fox films are owned by Disney; and
- The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a Fox film

Dr. Frank N. Furter is a Disney Princess.

1. sings in a musical
2. a friend to children and animals
3. finds creative solutions to peril
4. a timely role model, as a trans person in STEM
5. inclusion would make a Florida Governor lose his mind

*edited for pronoun ambiguity

Don’t dream it - be it! ❤️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈👯‍♀️👑👸🏻

I'm thinking about tribalism in social media a lot at the moment, how it ties into personal identity, and who benefits from the "us v. them" mentality that seems to be coagulating at the moment. I'm on several different social media instances at the moment and find that each scratches a particular itch others don't, whether on a personal or career level. It *can* be enervating navigating all of them, but also can offer opportunities. It's all weird and fluid now and I'm curious where it goes.

OFFICER: The victims were dismembered and sacrificed on an altar made of antlers


OFFICER: Most likely yes

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